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My gardening gets tougher and dirtier than cutting stems for the table and I need gloves that are more of a work glove than a gardening glove. I still want the flexibility and smaller hand fit of typical gardening gloves though! These glove satisfy both. They are very tough – protection when I get sloppy with the shears, and no blisters from the rake or shovel. They are still flexible to deadhead and weed easily. The wrist strap is adjustable to allow a snug fit – no dirt slipping under the cuff.

Diana Burnwood
Have been using these for a couple weeks now, daily for work. Picking up about 400x heavy (50lb) items daily. Along with other wear and tare. So far they are handling everything well. Finger tips still work great on my phone, with surprisingly high dexterity, allowing me to text without removing the gloves. Padding is nice and has also taken the beating ive thrown at it well.

Jessica Foxx​
I used these about 4 times a day to work on our farm. They probably lasted almost 6 months through hard work before the fingers started wearing out. It was where the touch screen fingers were (which I never used for a touch screen, other then seeing if it worked upon arrival of purchase). The material was just thinner in that area, so wore out faster. I have bought several pairs, they are just comfortable and have lasted just as long as my leather ones.

Lily Granger​

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